Soft Matter ODES-Lab: Personnel

Vivek Sharma

Assistant Professor

Post-doc: Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.
Ph. D.: Polymers, Materials Science & Eng., Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA.
M.S.: Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA.
M.S.: Polymer Science, University of Akron, Akron, OH.
B. Tech: Textile Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India.
Author Page on Google Scholar. Detailed CV.
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Leidy Nallely Jimenez

Ph. D. Candidate (July 2015-)

BS in Chemical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL.
Dynamics and Rheology of Polyelectrolyte Solutions.

Chrystian Ochoa

Ph. D. student (May 2018-
M. S. in Chemical Engineering, UIC (2016-2018),
B.S. in Mathematics, UIUC (2014).

Sodium Naphthenate Foams. Stratification in films containing micelles or smectic liquid crystals.

Carina Martinez

Ph. D. Candidate (May 2018-)
B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Universidad de Orient, Venezuela. (2001-2006).
Industrial experience (2006-2017) aquire at Tesca, Schlumberger, Guardian Industries and Tivenca.
Polymer and surfactant physics. Extensional Rheometry. Adsorption Kinetics.

Chenxian Xu

M. S. Candidate (Jan 2017-May 2018)
B.S. in Chemical Engineering, China.
Stratified Foam Films. Coalescence. Surfactant and Polymer Physics

Jesse Mai

M. S. Candidate (Jan 2017-)

BS in Chemistry, University of Northern Illinois (2014).

Eason Zheng

M. S. Candidate (May 2018-)
B.S. Chemistry, Grinnell College, Iowa.

Emulsions and thin liquid films.


Elizabeth John (UG-Jr), Emmanuel Ampo (UG-Sr), Arun Jospeh (UG-Sr), Christopher Mecinski (UG-Sr), Ngan Tran (UG-Sr)


Krupa Shah, Faizan Chowdhury, Ekaterina Ivanov,

Reem Khoury, Fahed Albreiki, Justina Mei, Nedalkov, Zanub Hassan, Reshma, Ryan Basse, Trisha, Michelle Powers


Yiran Zhang

Ph. D. (Nov 2012-Nov 2016) 

B.S. in Pharmaceutical Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing, China 2006-2010,

M.S. in Pharmaceutical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ. 2010-2012.

Completed Dissertation Research: “Dynamics of Stratifying Foam Films”

Jelena Dinic

Ph. D. (Nov 2013-Dec 2018) 

B.S. in Chemical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia 2007-2011.

Completed Dissertation Research: “Pinch-off dynamics, extensional rheology and dripping-onto-substrate (DoS) rheometry of polymer solutions ”

Subinuer Yilixiati

Ph. D. (Nov 2013-Dec 2018) 

B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Xi’an University of Science and Technology 2009-2013.

Completed Dissertation Research: “Thermodynamics of stratification and supramolecular oscillatory structural forces in micellar foam films”

M. S. Researchers (years active in group, undergraduate education, research topic, current employment)


Prasanth Narayanan: (Jan’13 – May’14), B.S. Chemical Eng., India. Maximum Bubble Pressure Tensiometry, CB&I Houston.
Norman Moreno Moreno: (Nov’14-Aug’16; Fulbright Scholar) B.S. Chemical Engineering, Columbia. Maximum Bubble Pressure Tensiometry. Environmental Ministry, Chemical Engineer at Codecocho, Colombia.
William Yang (M.S., 2014-2016), B.S. in Statistics, Petroleum Emulsions, Fresenius Kabi, Chicago, IL.
Nguyet Le (M. S., 2015-2017), B.S. in Biology, Concord University, USA. Lipid-Drug Interactions, Zyleris Pharmatech,Chicago, IL.
Christopher Norgbey (M. S., 2016-2017),B. S. in Chemical Eng. Ghana, Foam-based precursors for making carbon structures


Ivan Akhremitchev (M. S., 2016-2017), B.S. Chemical Eng., University of Rochester. Dripping of Viscoelastic Fluids. Medcision, San Rafael, CA.
Mahmoud Abdel-latif (M. S., 2014-2016), B.S. Chemical Eng., Egypt. Porous Carbon Structures from Nonwoven Precursors Prepared using Centrifugal Spinning. Ph.D. Student at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago,  IL.
Camila Alexandra Uribe Ortiz (M.S., 2015-2017), B.S. in Chemical Eng., Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota. Adsorption Kinetics of Charged Surfactants using Maximum Bubble Pressure Tensiometry. Bajaj Medical LLC
Nikhila Parsi (M.S., 2015-2017). B.S. in Chemical Eng, Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, India. Adsorption Kinetics of Polyelectrolytes. Bajaj Medical, LLC. Chicago

Undergraduate Researchers (years active in group, research topic, current employment)

  1. Leidy Nallely Jimenez, (05/13-08/14) DoS rheometry & CHE 392: UG research, PhD student, UIC. Co-authored two papers as an undergraduate student & tried the first DoS rheometry experiments.
  2. Will-Abbott-Klosterman, (05/13-08/14) 3-D printer design, and design of apparatus to study bubble rafts and oscillate bubbles & CHE 392: UG research, Shamrock Foods, AZ. Chancellor Undergraduate Research Award recipient.
  3. Jana Rush, (05/13-12/13) Spectroscopic analysis of foam films & CHE 392: UG research, Loders Croklaan, Chicago, IL.
  4. Ethan Rendlen, (05/13-12/13) High shear rate viscometer design & CHE 392: UG research, Pelstar, Chicago, IL.
  5. Collin Pearsall, (05/13-05/14), Vertical foam film drainage, HDI-Gerling America Insurance Company, Chicago. Gave the first conference talk from the group at APS March Meeting in 2013 (& had an image featured by them), co-authored a paper, and did the first foam experiments in the group.
  6. Steven Priest (05/13-05/14), Rod climbing, Sonoco, Chicago, IL.
  7. Sandy Younan (05/13-05/14), Megasize bubbles and soap films & CHE 392: UG research, NALCO EcoLab, Chicago, IL.
  8. Ewelina Wojcik, (05/14-05/17), Drainage of vertical foam films & CHE 392: UG research, CSI Behring, Chicago, IL. Presented oral talks twice and a poster at the APS March Meeting, posters twice at the AIChE Meeting, co-author on over a dozen talks, and will be a coauthor on at least a couple of papers.
  9. Molly Somploski (08/13-12/14), Bubble rafts & CHE 392: UG research, Peoples Gas, Chicago, IL.
  10. Paulina Szadkowska, (05/14-08/14), Maximum bubble pressure tensiometry.
  11. Aesha Talia, (05/14-08/14), Foam film drainage, Rogers Corporation, Chicago, IL.
  12. Arwa Hasan, (05/14-08/14), Colors of soap films, Navistar Inc., Chicago, IL.
  13. Pedro Lopez, (05/14-08/14), Bubble rafts, Spraying Systems Co., Chicago, IL.
  14. Omatseye Ugen, (05/14-08/14), Bubble rafts.
  15. Kerolos Gadallah, (05/14-08/14), Maximum bubble pressure tensiometry,
  16. Swaroop Bhagavatula, (05/14-08/14), Rod climbing, McKinsey and Co., Houston, TX.
  17. Mickey Getz, (05/14-12/14), Pendant drop tensiometry & CHE 392: UG research, PhD student at University of California, San Diego, CA.
  18. Anwar Beker, (05/14-08/14), Maximum bubble pressure tensiometry & CHE 392: UG research,
  19. Adam Lewis, (05/14-08/14), Protein-based foams, Medical School.
  20. Steven Kowinski, (05/14-08/14), 2D hydrodynamics in soap film, EN Engineering, Chicago, IL.
  21. Anthony Taphanand, (05/14-08/14), 3D printing, Honeywell UOP, Chicago, IL.
  22. Vicky Mei, (05/14-08/14), DoS rheometry, M.S. in Chemical Engineering, UIC.
  23. Mariglen Isufi, (05/14-08/14), Hydrodynamics in foam films,
  24. Diana Bernatek, (05/14-08/14), Foam film drainage, BP Chicago, IL.
  25. Cesar Moreno, (05/14-08/14), Bubble rafts,
  26. Nick Kowolski, (07/14-08/14), Mars, Chicago, IL.
  27. Adam Burshan, (05/15-08/16 & 01/18-), Maximum Bubble pressure tensiometry,
  28. Owen Beale, (05/15-08/15), Protein-stabilized foam films, W.R. Grace & Co.
  29. Madeleine Biagloni, (05/15-05/16), DoS rheometry of semi-dilute polymer solutions & CHE 392: UG research, PhD candidate in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL. Co-authored a paper with Jelena Dinic and presented at the APS March Meeting in 2016.
  30. Alexandro Estrada, (05/15-05/16), DoS rheometry of HEC solutions,
  31. Andrew Castille, (05/15-08/15), Foam Films,
  32. Afolabi George, (05/15-08/15), Petroleum emulsions,
  33. Andrei Ivanov, (05/15-12/15), Petroleum emulsions and micropipette tensiometry, Viscofan, IL.
  34. Alvin Lee, (05/15-08/15), Vertical foam films,
  35. Leah Klein-Borden, (05/16-05/17), Lipid-drug interactions, PhD candidate in University of Maryland at College Park, MD.
  36. Andrew Rasmussen, (05/15-12/16), Foam films, bubble rafts and viscous fingering (designed apparatus) & CHE 392: UG research, Abbvie Pharmaceuticals, Chicago, IL. Chancellor Undergraduate Research Award recipient.
  37. Shiju Jacob, (05/16-08/16), Viscous fingering, ProLeiT, Chicago, IL.
  38. Rabees Rafiq, (05/15-12/15), Effect of salt on stratification in foam films, Peoples Gas, Chicago, IL. Co-authored a paper with Subinuer Yilixiati and presented at the AIChE Midwest conference.
  39. Krupa Shah, (05/15-08/15), Vertical foam films,
  40. Brooke Seger, (05/15-08/16), Iridescence in soap films & CHE 392: UG research, Valeo, Seymour, IN.
  41. Theodore Walker, (08/15-05/16), Maximum bubble pressure tensiometry & CHE 392: UG research, PhD Candidate at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Presented at the APS March Meeting in 2016, and will be a co-author on a future manuscript.
  42. Amatul Salam, (05/16-08/16), Lipid-drug interactions,
  43. Cameroon, (05/16-08/16), Vertical foam film drainage,
  44. Chimuka Hiley, (05/16-08/16), Drainage of 3D foam, United States Steel Corporation
  45. Jannice Lee, (05/16-08/16), Foam drainage in 3D foam. PhD candidate in UIC-Chemical Engineering.
  46. Yumna El-Hakim, (05/16-08/16), Protein rheology and spectroscopy,
  47. Ashkan Khalili, (05/16-08/16), Porous carbon structures, Baxter Healthcare.
  48. Joseph Guido, Rod Climbing. Chancellor Undergraduate Research Award recipient.
  49. Elizabeth John, (05/16-08/16), Structural color in foam films.
  50. Ekaterina Ivanov, (05/17-), Tensiometry and Foam Drainage,
  51. Ngan Tran, (05/17-08/17), Pendant drop tensiometry. Smith and Burgess, Houston TX
  52. Emmanuel Ampo, (05/17-08/17), DoS rheometry.
  53. Reshma Ravi,(05/17-08/17), Beads-on-a-string structure.
  54. Ryan Basse, (05/17-08/17), DoS Rheometry of polyelectrolyte solutions.
  55. Zanub Hassan, (05/17-08/17), Lipid-drug interactions.
  56. Justina Mei,(05/17-08/17), WISEP program and 3D printing.
  57. Faizan Chowdhury, (05/17-08/17), WISEP program and 3D printing
  58. Nedyalkov Vazlev, (05/17-08/17), WISEP program and 3D printing
  59. Fahed Albreiki, (05/17-05/18), Viscoelastic fingering
  60. Christopher Mecinski, (05/17-08/17), WISEP program and 3D printing
  61. Arun Jospeh,(05/17-08/17), Centrifugal spinning,
  62. Demetrios Galanos, (05/17-08/17), Centrifugal spinning,
  63. Ahmad Judeh,(05/17-08/17), Lipid-drug interactions
  64. Munira Jimjhim, (05/17-), Lipid-drug interactions
  65. Amanda Hy, (05/17-), 3D Foam Drainage,
  66. Ana Hernandez, (08/17-), Antifoaming and 3D Foam drainage
  67. Reem Khoury,(08/17-12/17), Viscous fingering,
  68. Erica Caruso, (01/18-), Adsorption Kinetics
  69. Daniel Kim, (05/16-08/16), Foam film drainage.
  70. Boi Trinh, (08/16-12/16), Maximum bubble pressure tensiometry & CHE 392: UG research,EMT Inc.
  71. Chenxian Xu, (08/17-), Tears of Wine.
  72. Trisha Ann, (08/16-12/16), Beads-on-a-string structure,
  73. Michelle Powers (08/17-), Membrane engineering
  74. Hope Ilhaza (08/15-12/15), Foam Films, Transferred to UIUC Chemical Engineering.
  75. Adisa Hazdic (05/18-),
  76. Matthew Wagener (05/18-)
  77. Alexander Kubinski (05/18-)
  78. Kate Soja (05/18-)
  79. Maurice Smith (05/18-)
  80. Esteban Vazquez-Elizondo (05/18-)

High School Student Intern

  1. Vivek Vermani, IMSA, Summer 2014.

Applied Soft-matter Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (ASSURE)

ASSURE 2017 & Mentored Professional Development Program for Future Chemical Engineers, 2017: Ekaterina Ivanov, Ngan Tran, Emmanuel Ampo, Reshma Ravi, Ryan Basse, Zanub Hassan, Justina Mei, Faizan Chowdhury, Nedyalkov Vazlev, Fahed Albreiki, Christopher Mecinski, Elizabeth John, Arun Jospeh, Abdulbasit Owoseni, Demetrios Galanos, and Ahmad Judeh.


ASSURE 2016 & Mentored Professional Development Program for Future Chemical Engineers (P.I.’s initiatives)

Ewelina Wojcik, Chimuka Hiley, Jannice Lee, Alex Cash, Madeleine Biagioli, Alexandra Estrada, Andrei Ivanov, Andrew Rasmussen, Elizabeth John, Leah Borden, Yumna El-Hakim, Amatul Salam, Ashkan Khalili, Brooke Seger.


ASSURE 2015 & Mentored Professional Development Program for Future Chemical Engineers (P.I.’s initiatives)

Ewelina Wojcik, Diana Bernatek, Madeleine Biagioli, Alexandra Estrada, Andrei Ivanov, Andrew Rasmussen, Mariglen Isufi, Rabees Rafiq, Owen Beale, Adam Burshan, Theodore Walker, Afolabi George, Krupa Shah, Arwa Hasan,



ASSURE 2014 & Mentored Professional Development Program for Future Chemical Engineers (P.I.’s initiatives)

(Participants included twenty undergraduate students including six freshmen, one sophomore, ten juniors and three seniors). The four students from Guaranteed Freshmen Internship Program and a high school student participant are listed separately.


Will Abbott-Klostermann (Developing an oscillating bubble tensiometer), Jana Rush (Spectroscopic investigation of foam drainage),  Vicky Mei (Printability), Anthony Taphanand (3D-Printing), Ewelina Wojcik (Soap film drainage) and Paulina (Maximum bubble pressure tensiometry, along with Kerolos Gadallah & Anwar Beker, photograph not available), Adam Lewis (Protein-based foams), .


Michael Getz (Pendant drop tensiometry), Omatseye Ogun (Bubble rafts, along with Pedro Lopez), Swaroop Bhagavatula (Rod climbing), Steven Kowinski (2d hydrodynamics in soap films), Aesha Talia (Rise of black domains in soap films), Arwa Hasan (Soap film drainage).

Guaranteed Freshman Internship Program (College of Engineering Initiative)


2014 Interns (4): Cesar Moreno, Mariglen Isufi, Diana Bernatek, Nick Kowalski.


Will Abbott KlostermanJanaRushStevePriestCollinPearsallSandy Younan.png

 Will Abbott-Klostermann (Developed a 3D-Printer), Leidy Nallely Jimenez (Investigated printability), Jana Rush (Spectroscopic investigation of foam drainage), Steven Priest (Rod Climbing), Collin Pearsall (Studied soap film drainage and presented his research at the APS March Meeting Denver, 2014) , Sandy Younan (Made Giant soap Bubbles) and Ethan Rendlen (Worked on creating a specialized high shear rate viscometer).

CHE 392: Undergraduate research

Will Abbott-Klostermann: 3D Printing, Summer, Fall 2013 & Spring 2014.

Molly Sompolski: Bubble Rafts, Fall 2013.

Ethan Rendlen: High Shear Rate Rheometry, Spring 2014.

Leidy Nallely Jimenez: Printability. Spring 2014.