ODES-Lab: Research

Soft Matter ODES (Optics, Dynamics, Elasticity and Self-Assembly)

Interfacial and Nonlinear Flows of Complex Fluids. Rheology of Soft Matter. Polymer Physics.

Extensional Rheology. Intermolecular and Surface Forces. Dynamic Adsorption. Drops & Bubbles.


FIZZICS (the science of bubbles, drops, foams and emulsions)


Foam films, Stratification, Supramolecular Oscillatory Structural Forces, Colloidal and Interfacial Science

Lifetime, drainage and stability of stratifying micellar freestanding films.

Hydrodynamics and thermodynamics of thin films of soft matter.

Marangoni flows. ‘Tears of Wine’. Evaporation-driven flows and instabilities.

Interferometry Digital Imaging Optical Microscopy (IDIOM) protocols for visualizing and analyzing nanoscopic thickness variations and transitions in freestanding films.

Foamability, Defoaming, Firefighting Foam, Reactor Foam, Lather, Froth, Suds

RHEOLOGY & PROCESSING (of complex fluids and soft matter)

Printability, Pinch-off Dynamics, Polymer Physics, Shear and Extensional Rheology, Nonlinear Viscoelasticity

Dripping-Onto-Substrate (DoS) rheometry for characterizing capillary-driven thinning & pinch-off dynamics of complex fluids.

Influence of flexibility, extensibility, charge and concentration on polymer dynamics. Stretched polymer hydrodynamics.

Connecting jettability, sprayability, imprintability, spinnability, stickiness to stretched polymer hydrodynamics & pinch-off dynamics.

Formulation science and engineering, including paints, coatings and inks (print electronics, photovoltaic inks, ink-jet printable bio-fluids).

Shear and extensional rheology of flexible / semi-flexible / rigid rod / associative polymers / charged polymers.


Adsorption Kinetics, Dynamic Surface Tension, Transport in Electrolytes

Measurement of dynamic surface tension and adsorption kinetics using Maximum Bubble Pressure Tensiometry.

Petroleum emulsions: rheology and tensiometry.



Proteins, Polysaccharides, Saliva, Blood, Lipids, DNA.

Shear, extensional and interfacial rheology of proteins, polysaccharides, saliva, DNA, blood.

Spectroscopy-assisted rheological characterization of biofluids.

Lipid-Drug interactions and Lipid emulsion therapy.

Protein fizzics and dynamics & folding-unfolding kinetics.

Adhesion and Wetting

Stickiness. Elasticity. Extensibility.

Tack test. Capillary Adhesion. Viscoelastic effects

Spider glue. Sticky Saliva.

Structural Color in Biology & Biomimetic Iridescent Colors 

Circularly polarized iridescence in jewel beetles.

Multilayer reflection and iridescence in butterflies.

Iridescent bubbles and iridescent thin liquid films.

Birefringent materials. Optics of liquid crystalline materials.

Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos underlying Instabilities and Pattern Formation

Chaotic Mixing, Marangoni flows, Opto-microfluidics.

Surface-tension Driven Instabilities in Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids.

Brownian motion, diffusion, random walk, sticky diffusion, mosquito flights, monkey trails.

Period doubling, butterfly effect. Self-similarity. Finite time singularity.

Of Growth and Form: Pattern Formation

Breath-figure-templated assembly. Dew formation.

Evaporation and Drying-induced pattern formation. Coffee Rings.

Flows in Soap Films. Marginal regeneration. Tears of Wine.

The pursuit of perfect packing. 2D Crystallization. Fingering Instabilities.

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